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bus no #-Charles Helou-Tripoli

General information:
Public buses:are white blue ones has the OCTFC logo
Private Buses:are personal public buses with no specific colors.
LCC buses:are white red ones

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Length:ِAbout 80 km.
Bus type:Connex bus-Private bus
Tickets:purchased on the bus.
Activity:The service is active every day from Monday to Sunday.
Frequency: the buses run approximately every 25 minutes
Time:the journey takes about 1:30 hours.
Start-End time:the buses start at 7 am stop at 7 pm.
Bus Stop:There are no designated bus stops – just signal the driver to get on or off.
Price:5000-6000 LL

Route Points :
Dora Roundabout- Charles Helou- jounieh- tripoli-
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